Technology: We & Today’s war

Numerous times in the history of Islam, Muslims have fought historic battles and won victories. But over time, that is likely to change. At one time war was fought with swords. Then guns, missiles, drones, and atomic bombs also increased with the passage of time in the form of revolution in the war and defense system which made the Muslim world rely on countries like the USA, Russia, France, Germany, China, etc. The effect of these changes was that the dominance of non-Muslims over the world deepened day by day. These international changes have received little attention from Islamic scholars or Muslim leaders. Listen to some people today, they criticize non-Muslims for this innovation and are unable to understand this modern age. The result of not examining and ignoring these revolutionary changes in worldly sciences over time is that today the Muslim world is at the mercy of these innovative countries.

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If history is carefully observed, it is clear that whoever realized the plan for the future succeeded. Non-Muslims also realized these changes and brought them to fruition by working on them. A statement that is popular in the Muslim world that countries like the United States, Russia, France, Britain, and Germany split the Muslim world due to which the Muslim world remained entangled with each other and these countries reached the heights of innovation. The majority of the Muslim world today, or I would say, would not be wrong to say that ninety to ninety-five percent of Muslim countries import technology and military equipment.

Technology has long been called a tribulation in the Muslim world. Today there is a need to understand today’s times. According to my definition of jihad, in the context of recent times, it is also jihad that the Muslim world pays full attention to technology to strengthen its defenses and become self-sufficient. Scholars should also encourage young people in their speeches to learn and innovate in today’s age of technology. If this era is further delayed in understanding and planning for the future, it will be even more detrimental to the Muslim world and it will continue to import these tools. Thus the innovators of this technology will always be two hands ahead.

Today’s war is not a missile or drone war, but a technology war commonly known as “Cyber Warfare”. China is the only country that has worked on it with the best strategy over time and countered it which led to its rapid development. Third world countries are consumers of modern technology far from today’s technology war. This is a golden opportunity to set your own destiny and start a practical struggle to become self-sufficient in technology. Otherwise, you will be the only consumers of this modern technology.

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