Technology and Azad Kashmir’s Mediaeval age

Let’s move on from the election frenzy and talk about the most significant issue of our time in the state. Our state of Azad Kashmir is setting new records for the most dilapidated internet service in the world. In today’s modern technological age, where the online industry from the technological revolution is fast becoming an easy opportunity for everyone worldwide, you need good internet service and smart devices to work in this industry. Due to the emergency caused by the Coronavirus, online classes have been launched in universities in Azad Kashmir and around the world, with students from the state who are continuing their educational activities in Pakistan or other countries; activities had to continue online. But there was already a public outcry over the stubbornness of Internet service and telecom companies, and the situation has left a scar on Internet infrastructure and signal quality. Azad Kashmir’s infrastructure is exemplary in insufficient bandwidth and signal quality.

There is widespread public outrage against telecom companies for providing substandard services despite raising vast sums of money. The talented youth of Azad Kashmir who wants to sell technology services all over the world turn to the cities of Pakistan because of this dilapidated situation. At the same time, the trend of e-commerce is also non-existent in Azad Kashmir, which allows Azad Kashmir products to be sold all over the world. Students can also continue their education activities efficiently and compete in technology with people from all over the world. In addition, Kashmiris living and working in other countries can also have better contact with their families. Software companies and freelancers will also turn to Azad Kashmir when the best internet facilities are available, which will bring revolutionary changes and revenue to the state.

All residents of Azad Kashmir demand from the government, opposition, and other top officials to set up an institution to inspect and improve the quality of telecom companies as soon as possible, along with fiber optic cable throughout Azad Kashmir so that technology and online business can be launched to make Azad Kashmir a model state by taking advantage of quality services. The higher authorities should resolve this issue as soon as possible; otherwise, the state’s people will have to come out again for their rights.

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