A few months back I wrote an article Kashmir: A Helpless Nation in September 2019 and Today I’m writing an article ‘Helpless world’. With great gloom and sadness, from unanswered lockdown of a valley of 10 millions of people to the inconceivable lockdown of 7 billions of people; let me remind you the pledge of a Syrian kid that he will tell God everything, voices of innocent Palestinians fighting for their own homeland, unheard voices of Kashmiri people who has been under atrocious curfew since August 5th of last year. We raised our voices for the innocent Kashmiris on every platform of the world but none came up with a solid stance and demanded India to stop the brutality and end the siege. I remember a clip goes viral on social media in which a widow from Kashmir said, We hope that one day you all-powerful people will be answerable to God. Don’t you think God listened to her? Don’t you think God listened to the pledge of that Syrian kid?

Today people of so-called developed countries are at the mercy of Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19). From the US to Germany, the UK to China all the advanced countries are facing a medical emergency. The world is dismayed of the outbreak of coronavirus and panic is in every corner of the world. In this technological era, whole world is watching that a virus can force these so-called powerful countries to lockdown.

This pandemic is a mouth breaking lesson for the whole world. No matter how much ruthless missiles or barbarous fighter jets you have, you must not forget you’re answerable to Almighty and He can hold you accountable anytime anywhere and let you know that you’re the weakest creature and pretending to be powerful is insanity while Almighty is the only supreme power.

Being part of this world, I hope and pray God will help us to defeat this virus and at the same time let’s pray to God for forgiveness and promise; We’ll become the voices of unheard and innocents. We will respond to any unlawful activity around the globe. We will prefer humanity over own interest. We will take care of those who need our help. We will not close our eyes to those who are suffering.

I would urge all of you to take good care of yourself and your loved ones. Respect and follow all the instructions given by the administration and Must pray to Almighty that forgiveness will be granted to us on our sins.

Stay safe and take care

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