Do you know what you’re doing online?

In this technological era, everyone can post their views online like pictures, videos, audios, advertising, and comments are known as online speech. Some people create their own blogs and websites where they share content. Where these platforms are open to all there is some ethical conduct about what you should post online. In western culture, the concept of freedom of speech is highly appreciated and also implemented which means a person can do what he/she wants to do without considering the consequences of his actions. From this concept, they consider this as a basic human right that one should express an opinion freely. Several times we came across news that they posted about our prophets. They support women's popular with feminism concept. They allow all those speeches that are appreciated by their society according to free speech concepts.

The United Nations Declaration of human rights is almost the same concept for online speech as the western concept of freedom of speech. According to articles 2,18 & 19 no matter what race, color, gender, religion one has, it is his/her basic right to express anything, free to think about religions or beliefs that can be in a personal capacity or in the community. This concept does not even differentiate those who believe in one God and those who believe in multiple gods. Islam clearly stated rules and guidelines both in the form of the Quran and Hadith about the freedom of speech.

Islamic concepts of speech clearly value the speech of those who obey Allah. Pornography is allowed in western culture but not in Islam and the Islamic concept is universal both for Muslims and Non-Muslims. Islam clearly guides their believers to respect other religion and not degrade beliefs of other people but western culture allow to do so. For example in India, The Hindus of Behrman, etc not consider all Hindus are equal, they consider themselves superior from other classes of Hindus. Religious and racial hatred is not allowed in Islam. Allah says we created you from a man and a woman and divided you into nations and tribes for introduction to know each other, the only one who is noble in the sight of Allah is the one who is God-fearing. Prophet PBUH also emphasizes in his last sermon that all human beings are equal to no superiority of cast or color, only the one who is better to Allah’s commandments is superior.

Governments and regulatory authorities should block offensive speech as Allah says you’re the best people and you should forbid what is wrong. Some online speech is suitable for adults where some are suitable for children, the lawmakers should not block everything but use the least restrictive means and block only those that are offensive for all. But we should not post anything that is unethical, religious or racial hatred. Being a responsible citizen it is our duty to stop spreading fake and baseless material.

Must reconsider before you post something online

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