Belonging to the city of notable waterfalls at the bank of Poonch river Kotli, coming to Islamabad was a major shift in my life. I had to start this journey with a new lifestyle; a new environment, new friends, and buildings all over astonished me like never before. I have always been enthusiastic about community betterment. Whether it is in the sector of education or health, I try my best to give back to society as what goes around comes around.

With the thought of giving something back to the community or to make a difference for the people around me, I voluntarily started working with community societies. Volunteering helps me to learn different things about people and cultures which lead to my personal and professional growth.

The year 2020 starts with the panic of the novel COVID-19, which leads to the lockdown of the whole world. I returned to my hometown with the hope of an earlier stop of the spread of this virus. This coronavirus pandemic didn’t stop me from working for the community and I successfully completed a certification named “Coronavirus: Everything you know about” from one of the leading online learning platforms, Alison. This course is designed by Alison with the information gathered from the World Health Organization (WHO) & Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) USA for volunteers across the globe to learn about this virus and educate people in their society. The major motivation for this certification was to get awareness about this deadly virus and spread it in my surroundings for the benefit of others. I learned all the possible aspects which can lead to the spread of this virus.

Having a large number of followers on my social network like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Medium Platform helped me to spread my message of awareness about how to tackle the spread of this novel COVID-19. I wrote a blog about the symptoms and precautions of this deadly virus on one of my Medium article names as “Coronovirus Awareness”.

We have come across with panic and much fake news about this virus. I again wrote an article in English/Urdu and educated the audience with the precautions and requested them to spread the panic and stop sharing un-verifies information and news about this virus.

I think that the strength of working for the community is inherited from my father in me. He always taught me to lift others as this is the only thing that not only lifts us up but is also liked by the Almighty. In this pandemic situation, I along with my father listed out 50+ the deserving families in our area. Furthermore, we delivered Rashan packaged at their doorstep for their ease during this pandemic.

I also shared the authentic information and precautions of the World Health Organization and Government of Pakistan on my social network. In Pakistan, 24.3% of the population lives below the national poverty line according to a report of the Asian Development Bank 2015. This pandemic resulted in the unemployment of daily wages. I also registered many deserving families on Ehsas Portal for Rashan support form the Government; I did this by authenticating the government sources and providing the right information to the right people at the right time.

As a responsible citizen, it’s our responsibility to help all the needy people out there in this coronavirus pandemic. Staying at home should never stop us from helping others; I feel that it is my foremost responsibility to look around and search for such opportunities. There is no perfect time to do good deeds but it’s our will that paves the way for kindness.

For health info please visit Riphah Health Care Services, Dail Now 033–11–000–999 or donate to Riphah for community relief Dail 033–11–000–111.

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